DosGameBox 1.0

Fully-featured set of office applications, based on office suite
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OpenOffice Software LLC

-- Affordable, fully-featured set of office applications, based on office suite.
-- As useful and capable as MS Office. Graphical User Interface (icons, desktop, windows and menus) is very similar.
-- Can import, read, edit, exchange, and save filed with other office programs such as Microsoft Office.
-- Is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX.
-- PlusOffice Free edition is licensed for unlimited number of computers.
PlusOffice is equipped with an information window that is shown when the application loads. You will find here info about updates, upgrades and new releases.
PlusOffice consists of a few integrated programs which allow editing text documents, creating spreadsheets and multimedia presentations, preparing graphics, and creating data bases.
-- Writer - text editor
-- Calc - spreadsheet editor
-- Impress - multimedia presentations
-- Math - mathematical formula editor
-- Draw - graphic program
-- Base - data bases creator and editor

PlusOffice allows you to export any document directly to a PDF file.
PlusOffice allows you to view and edit documents in MS Office formats such as doc, xls and ppt.
PlusOffice uses ODF (Open Document Format) as the default format for its documents. This format allows you to view and edit files using any text editor. The ODF standard is becoming widely used by business and public sector, including US State and foreign governments. Microsoft has recently announced that the ODF is going to be supported in Microsoft products.

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